Your basement is a very important part of your home, it must be dry, safe and healthy.

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    Since 1969, we have set standards of excellence for the foundation industry and brought to our customers the very best solutions in foundation repair. We are dedicated to uncompromising quality and are proud of our accomplishments.

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    If your foundation was not properly waterproofed on the outside and hydrostatic pressure exists, moisture will find its way in.

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    All walls must be perfectly and totally waterproofed before backfilling, grading and landscaping takes place.


    A situation like this seems terrible but it can be solved permanently, freeing the homeowner of  future problems.

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    Clogged drains and drainage pipes will create havoc in a basement.

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    If run-offs from neighbors  overwhelm your foundation, re-direct that water before it reaches your wall.


    Grades must slope away from foundations to run-offs that are effective and efficient. This keeps your basement dry and healthy.

    Whether your problem is new or has been there for some time, CONTACT US, and we’ll find the correct solution for you.

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    For every service and repair we leave behind a Customer Satisfaction Card to evaluate our services, and be returned in the mail.
    To this date, we have given over one thousand of these cards, and 93% of them have been returned with an excellent rating, the other 7% with a good rating and never a fair or poor rating.
    We are very proud of that fact
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