4 Causes of Foundation Problems in Houses and Commercial Buildings

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Are you beginning to experience problems with your foundation? Have you noticed that your foundation is cracking, your home’s walls are bowing inward, or your floors are starting to creak? These signs can trigger a great deal of concern in homeowners. To help you identify the causes of foundation problems, we’ve compiled a list of the things that can damage the biggest investment you will probably make in your lifetime – your home.


During the extreme heat brought on by the summer months, the soil around your house can be significantly depleted of moisture. This depletion can lead to a number of problems including shrinkage and structural cracks to your home’s foundation.

Improper drainage:

When excess water pools around the base of your home it can erode the soil and cause the foundation to settle. This is one of the leading causes of foundation damage. Therefore, you should make sure that your home has proper drainage and that its gutters, etc., can direct water away from it during heavy rains.

Plumbing leaks:

If you have a plumbing leak it is possible that the water from that leak will eventually make its way into your walls. This can eventually cause excess moisture to pool up in your basement or even your crawl space. Thus, if you do have a plumbing problem we advise you to schedule an inspection of your home and call a qualified plumber. 

Large trees:

Large trees too near the home can compromise the integrity of your foundation. Their roots can press up against your home and even cause it to tilt to one side. Moreover, large trees that are close to your home, rob the soil of nutrients resulting in poor soil quality. Consider having large trees around your home and their roots removed. 

Can a Cracked Foundation Be Fixed?

The news is not all bad if you are beginning to experience problems with your home’s foundation. It can be a difficult process for sure, but if once you’ve scheduled an inspection with one of our foundation repair experts, you can learn more about the problems in your foundation and how you can fix them. The process is not an easy one which is why you need to hire a company with experience addressing such issues.

As we said before, a cracked foundation leak can be very alarming. Hopefully, by recognizing some of the causes of foundation damage you can help to head off any problems. We are basement wall leak repair specialists who can inspect and repair damage that has already occurred to your property. Experts at our central Maryland waterproofing company are fast, courteous and highly experienced.

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